hide and seek before lunch

big sister is here and has the time to read library books for 10 minutes before nap time

out to breakfast with the almost 13 year-old, learning new things from him

a father who walked 30 minutes in the cold to see his daughter

falling asleep in the rocking chair together…every afternoon

read aloud time still attracts a crowd

games and sorbet and most every night is later than it should be but still sweet

he makes the bed almost everyday. just because. just for me.

the way winter and late February reveals my weakness and my need for Him

Friday again

spring will come


“Praise be to the name of God for ever and ever; wisdom and power are his.  He changes times and seasons; he sets up kings and deposes them.  He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the understanding.”  (Daniel 2:20-21)

Wisdom is His.  I’ve been meditating on just this nugget of truth from Daniel 2.  Wisdom is His.  And He is wisdom.  All His thoughts, all His purposes, and all His actions are full of wisdom because wisdom is inherent to who He is.

I want to be wise.  I’ve got to be wise.  There is mothering and training and teaching to do.  There are piles to conquer, big and little ones to love well.  There is a marriage to treasure and nurture.  And there is only so much time to get it all done.  I need wisdom.

The last few days I’ve sensed Him speaking this to my heart:  Wisdom is a way of seeing.  Wisdom is seeing all that is around you and even all that is in you through my eyes.  You want to be wise?  Ask to see as I see.

Yes.  I need to see my role as mama, teacher, encourager as He does.  I need to see my selfishness and sin as He does.  I need to see my kiddos –  their hearts, their purposes, their futures – through His eyes.  How would it impact my marriage to behold it as He does – a beautiful reflection of Christ and the Church?  How would I spend and manage my time if I saw it from His view?

Elisha’s servant feared the great enemy army surrounding the city and exclaimed, “Oh no, my lord.  What shall we do?”  The prophet prayed, “Open his eyes Lord, so that he may see.” (2 Kings 6)

Not sure what to do? Ask to see.

As Jesus approached Jericho, a blind man was sitting by the roadside begging. When he heard the crowd going by, he asked what was happening. They told him, “Jesus of Nazareth is passing by.”  

He called out, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!” Those who led the way rebuked him and told him to be quiet, but he shouted all the more, “Son of David, have mercy on me!” Jesus stopped and ordered the man to be brought to him.

When he came near, Jesus asked him,“What do you want me to do for you?”

Lord, I want to see,” he replied.  (Luke 18:35-41)


~green grass in November

~a 20 minute midmorning walk with my love and my littlest – the freedom that comes with a home office.

~pajama jumping & trampoline laughter

~the way my almost teen boy always thanks me for the ride to band.

~smiles exchanged over the inventions in our read aloud

~new enthusiasm and energy in a new approach to learning geography

~lunch with Mimi

~courage and assurance spoken through the Word and the rest that comes from knowing He has spoken

~rocking her to sleep – long 2 year-old legs curled up in my lap



Counting this week’s gifts…

~ A dog found – Monday morning adventure

~ Sweet girl calling for her big brother, “Simon, you want a treat?” After all, that’s how we called for the lost dog ~smile~

~ Children’s museum, gym at the Y, a rainy day walk and wet play at the park – midmorning excursions to love our toddler

~ Reading aloud to my boys

~ Fighter Verses as a family

~ Evening with a friend

~ Ice cream cones on the back patio – J’s exclamations over the new flavor, sitting with my love, just being with my people as the sun went down (and the mosquitos came out)

~ Being offered a kiss by Sweet Girl before I ran out the door

~ Marriage – forgiveness, grace, tenderness, closeness, seventeen years

~ The way the big sister always tries to sneak in a minute with the little sister before heading off to school and sits down for a snack with her when she gets home 

~ It’s Friday again! Pizza night – new traditions, new memories in the making for this new season of life






In the morning, O LORD, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait in expectation.  Psalm 5:3

I’m a girl with high expectations. I expect a lot from myself and others – especially from myself – and many times to a fault.

Expectations get me in trouble. I expect something to go a certain way or someone (including myself) to act a certain way. When the expectation isn’t met, I feel frustrated, cheated, wronged, or if it’s me – ashamed.

I know that I need to be careful with these kinds of expectations. And over the years, I do think that Jesus has spoken to my tightly clenched fist, teaching me to let go of expectations and instead hold on to Him. His goodness. His perfect purposes. His right ways.

The other morning as I meditated on Psalm 5, He reminded me that there is a holy expecting that He invites me to. The Truth is He is the One who exceeds my expectations.

He invites me today to the highest of expectations. I can expect Him to be gracious and kind, forgiving, empowering, a wise counselor, a faithful deliverer, a strong protector.

With love He whispered, “Expect much of me today, child. I long to give you more of me.


Her papa and the boys are playing soccer out back with our dinner guest.  We made a deal.  I finish dinner dishes in a quiet house while they entertain Sweet Girl in the backyard. She loves outside, and they’ve got an eye on her from the soccer game, but she keeps coming back in the house to check for Mama.

A toddler’s day has ups and downs.  There are car rides that include screaming, cups thrown from the highchair, and precious snuggles that turn to snores in the rocking chair at naptime.

And sometimes, towards the end of the day, twenty minutes of a quiet house is definitely worth a stack of dinner dishes.

But when she comes again to smile at Mama, I scoop her up and carry her out to the back patio.  When I sit down with her on my lap,  she leans back to rest her head against my chest, and together we watch the boys play soccer.





Praying with David to live a life of integrity in my own home (Psalm 101:2).  This is where it counts.  This isn’t just training.  I’m in the game, and it matters.  Words spoken, thanks given, eyes and heart looking up. Here and now for His glory, for His sake.

Upside-down school day.  First to the Y to shoot baskets and run circles with the toddler.  Next to the library for new books and movies.  Loving that Sweet Girl was excited happy to find a book that we’d checked out last month.  She sang her “stick book” most of the drive home.

Home at 11:00 and boys were at their desks and digging in without a word of instruction from Mama.  Upside-down school day success!

A handful of toddler meltdowns, deep breaths, and self-preaching:  He is writing this story.  He does what is good.  He is able.

Toby Mac/Mandisa inside dance party after lunch because spring is being shy.

Two chapters of a read-aloud during nap time.  We’ve seriously slacked on read-alouds this year.  It does a homeschooling mama’s heart good to get back in the read-aloud groove.

Kids Bowl Free.  Boys bowled.  Sweet Girl pushed a few balls down the lane and then chose bowling alley exploration instead.

Another couple mini-meltdowns.  Mashed potatoes, pork roast, and avocados helped the toddler.  Chocolate chips and Seed Songs helped the mama.

Quick FaceTime fun with our travelers.

Sweet Girl had her bath, asked for her hug, snuggled in for milk, told me all her stories from the day, and went to bed.

Wii, cookies, apples, and one more chapter before the boys went to bed.





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